6 Last Minute Corporate Holiday Party ideas for 2019!
24 December, 2019

6 Last Minute Corporate Holiday Party ideas for 2019!

With the holiday season around the corner, many people are keen to host corporate holiday parties as they keep scrambling to put together an entertaining event. While the task could be full of hassles involving caterers, disc jockeys, venue owners, and event planners, here are some tips and ideas to host last-minute corporate holiday parties.

1. Be flexible in picking the party date

Since this is a last minute arrangement, event planners need to manage client expectations by being flexible with date and time of the event. It is evident that companies opting for holiday parties at the last minute need to book a venue for a day that is not popular with the crowd since most of the weekends will be booked well ahead of time. Go for a Wednesday or a Monday, since these days are actually less popular.

2. Don’t get too fixated with the right décor for the party

Corporate parties of a reasonable scale need some time and planning. By being fixated on a sparkly décor, it is important to focus on affordable décor since it is the least important bit for hosting a holiday party. Corporates can instead focus on getting a lot of people together with diverse activities to ease the tensions and help them have fun with drinks and games. Those attending the party will be concerned more about the menu, and opportunities to have fun and connect with other people they don’t get to interact during work.

3. Focus on the right venue as well as the catering to get the party sorted

“Planners’ first action needs to be venue booking. For new event planners, it is advisable to rely on sites like Venuetop that is a hub of the most popular venues in town in close proximity to all the corporate colleagues who are expected to attend the event. Zero in on a venue for a less popular date and invite people based on catering facilities within the venue. Fortunately, such sites provide all the information and offer a strong comparison and ratings for making the choice easier than ever. Instead of cornering individual venues with physical visits, you can save on time and budget arriving at a decision within some time instead of some days.

4. Find a venue that suits your corporate crowd

With sites like Venuetop, you can plan parties in a jiffy because one can easily find venues with the help of the information on the site making it easier to make a choice. Choose a venue that suits the personality of your office with adequate space to accommodate where everyone can circulate and talk, don’t book a place with a big dining table. Make sure the space accommodates the number of people you are planning the party for, along with food interests, and music availability in each of the venues before arriving at a decision.

5. Come up with an easy, eye-catching food display.

Choose a venue with a connected caterer or choose another set of caterers you know who can deliver interesting choices of food for the party. Keep a number of appetizers like pretzels or doughnuts for the people so that they can munch on them when having fun and games. Also, having cocktails like eggnog and hot toddies served in tiny liquor bottles would add to the charm of the party, making them customizable to the crowd.

6. Host a karaoke night along with a dance party

For any last-minute holiday party of 2019, it is useful to have a karaoke night where avid singers will try to mouth lyrics in a sing-song manner. It could result in a hilarious participation by everyone. Dance parties too are fun, especially if you have some avid dancers to guide with dance steps to others in complete holiday spirit!