Corporate Events in Saskatoon
29 January, 2020

8 Important Facilities that are Crucial to Corporate Events

Organizing a conference is challenging as you need ideal amenities to support the event. Most event managers and company officials find it tedious to plan corporate events and select venues for the same. One needs to pay heed to several aspects when planning for corporate events, much more than while hosting parties. A good conference hall is perfect for a corporate event and usually includes a number of provisions.

Here is a list of important facilities while choosing corporate events in Saskatoon, meeting venues in Calgary or hosting meetings at any other province in Canada:

1. The Ideal Venue Capacity

The venue should be large enough to manage the expected crowd of the corporate event, including a conference. You cannot let 100 delegates and guests suffocate in a small room that is meant for only 75 people. Look around the venue and discuss with the venue manager to set the layout to suit your needs.

The venue needs to have flexible seating arrangements and you need to make the required changes before confirming the reservations. If presentations or speeches are to be given from the podium, the event should be a walled one, preferably a wooden structure instead of glass panels, to avoid transparency. The venue should also be devoid of noise or cacophony to prevent distractions. Do look for all the technical installations required for the corporate event.

2. Projection Screen

While choosing venues for the event, make sure that it includes ample wall space for a whiteboard or a projection screen with all the functionalities.The smart board or the screen is useful for presentations and to induce more interactionsfrom the members. You can even get the screen connected to the printer for distributing handouts for the corporate sessions anytime.

3. Wi-Fi access

Most conference events need WiFi access with hi-speed connection and adequate bandwidth for hosting a plethora of users for working and browsing for required information during the meeting. Browse the web with Wi-Fi and ensure that the meeting is as smooth as it is possible.

4. Audio equipment

A good quality audio system inclusive of great speakers and microphone is essential for speakers to convey their thoughts succinctly during the event. A couple of extra mikes for respondents is useful for any conference. The audio system is useful for prompt and precise communication to the attendees. A conference of 100 people would always require the system. Check the audio system thoroughly before the event itself.

5. Seating Arrangement

Choose a seating arrangement for the members of the meeting – a Boardroom style seating, or a classroom-style setup or any other, depending on the nature of the corporate event. A table is a must though for the event. A simple meet and greet can be ideally managed through a U-shaped arrangement but one could choose classroom style for corporate workshops.

6. Video Conferencing System

For meetings and events that involve the presence of virtual members from other parts of the world, you need a strong video conferencing system that can facilitate international calls. A video conference enables prompt and streamlined conversation with the person online. This is useful especially if an organization wants to cut down on travel costs for enabling a person to speak during the event. Remember, the internet connection should be in full flow.

7. Accessible Location

When choosing the venue for the corporate event, whether for corporate meeting venues in Regina, SK or A hosting corporate events in Saskatoon, the location should be easily accessible from the train station and the airport since some attendees could be flying in from other places. Decide on a venue that is accessible, recognizable and with adequate accommodation facilities for the guests.

8. Efficient Staff

You need proper and diligent staff when hosting a corporate event. The staff need to meet the requirements of the attendees at the venue. They should be courteous and efficient in their work. Choose a venue that handles corporate events regularly with well-spoken and experienced staff.