Get more productive with online venue booking and leave worries behind
2 April, 2019

Get more productive with online venue booking and leave worries behind

Searching venue for events can be a challenging task. It can take days for finding and finalizing the right venue for your occasion. With online booking services manage to find your venue from anywhere and pull of amazing events.

We at VenueTop, join hands to make celebrations successful. VenueTop provides online venue booking facility and helps you get the most suitable place to create memories for lifetime, just with a few clicks.

Following are some guidelines for organising an event using online venue booking services. These considerations will help you get the maximum benefits of our services.


Birthdays, wedding, anniversary, corporate meetings, retreats, concerts customise your search based on your occasion. We can help you find the bestvenue according to your need.


Keeping a tentative budget in mind, planning a successful event gets easier. Set a budget and find venue that fits into your range. See if the cost of booking is justified with the services that the venue provides.

It is better to get a clarity with the venue owner about complementary services they provide and the additional things you need to manage for your occasion. Get the list of inclusions beforehand, so you don’t have last minute budget surprises.

Dates and availability:

Finalise a date for your occasion. Choose from wide variety of venues and know their availability on your desired dates just by checking the online calendar. Online booking calendar shows available, booked and blocked dates for a venue.

Be flexible with the dates. By keeping 2-3 date options you can get more choices of venue and likely to get discounts.


Location of venue derives the success of the event. If the place is convenient and accessible more guests are likely to join. Select a location that is easier to find and reach. When you select venue for an event or concert see if the location has noise pollution issue that could trouble the audience.

It is also good to check for parking services to ensure a hassle-free experience for guests. Check if the venue provides valet parking or parking lot services for your guests. If not, check out the alternatives available for parking besides the venue.

Capacity and minimums:

One thing to keep in mind while selecting and finalising the venue is the capacity of the place and number of guests to be invited.

It is better to select the venue depending on the number of guests you invite. Most venues also have minimums policy where they cater only if there are more than certain number of guests.

Book a venue well in advance:

It is always good to book a venue well in advance to get enough time to plan other important things related to the occasion. Advance booking of the venue confirms the date and allows guests to plan their visit accordingly.

Catering, decorations and media services:

See if the venue provides in-house catering and decorations services. If not understand their policy for outside service providers. Also check if the venue provides audio visual equipments for your use. Some venues require you to bring your own.

Ensure the quality:

If you plan on booking a venue just after checking the pictures and description, then wait. There are other factors that you need to consider other than the looks. Search for the online reviews where people have shared their experiences of events at the venue.

Check and compare different venues for their ratings of food and beverages, ambience, shortcomings of venue, value for money.

It is also good to check response of the venue owner to the reviews. Tone of their response helps you know how co-operative their staff is.

Have a great online venue booking experience with the services we provide. VenueTop offers you the best variety of venues, curated search options, deals, and discounts. Finalize your favourite occasion venue and get the best deals for your events with VenueTop.