Event space in Saskatoon
13 December, 2018

How does Venuetop help in the search for a venue for your event?

When organizing an event, many decisions need to be taken in a jiffy. Choosing a venue is one of the most important decisions with the largest impact on your event. The date, catering options, and the experience… all factor in when you select your venue.

Most are intimidated by the possibility of choosing affordable banquet halls, affordable reception venues, baby shower halls in Saskatoon, conference room In Saskatoon, cheap wedding venues in Saskatoon, ceremony venues, birthday party places etc. But not everyone has to feel that way. One needs to consider the best options while choosing a venue for any event.


Most people get stuck while choosing a venue for a specific location. They try looking for a venue within a distance from their preferred suppliers and the addresses of most attendees, especially by keying in the best “banquet halls near me” or “the best event halls near me”. For those selecting a venue for attendees coming from far away, they choose one near the airport while considering traffic, transportation, and other options.

With Venuetop, the visitors and attendees get access to a list of venues sourced according to location, with driving directions, and parking information right on their fingertips. The site helps users to know more about the best spaces for exhibitions, sessions, etc.


Not many know if they can drive a car right to the venue, or forget to ask the host about it before it is too late. People get pissed off if the venue does not have a parking lot or even a valet parking service. But not all venues post information about that and most people find trouble to get attendees of the event to park systematically. One cannot use the nearest parking lot or the risk is to let the vehicle get towed away for no particular fault of their own.

With Venuetop, users can reserve nearby parking lots if the venue does not have its own. The charges and fees are mentioned right away. One can even survey Uber and Lyft discounts and negotiate the best possible price with promo codes for attendees. An option for ridesharing will help too so there are no parking hassles.

Upscale events can also carry valet parking option at additional charges.

Capacity of the venue

The capacity of the venue is tough to ascertain by the naked eye. You need to know the right capacity of a venue before inviting attendees. It is not possible to adjust 400 people in a venue with 200-person capacity. Also, venues need to have fire and safety codes in place, and most people are unaware of ensuring the same.

Also, every venue does have a catering service but the F&B minimums differ from place to place. The minimum food and beverage spending amount should be known or else your budget could go over the limit. Negotiate the complimentary service of Wi-Fi or A/V support based on spending too.

Venuetop helps users to make adjustments with affordable reception venues and affordable wedding venues, with minimum F&B and capacity of event space in Saskatoon and near by places. The systematic application can present the headcount, saving you the effort required to research the facts in more than one prospective venue.

Services and amenities

People spend a lot of time in assessing and comparing venue amenities and facilities in multiple places before they zero in on one. Sometimes they charge facility fees and down payment for food options. You might even have to check food quality of every venue before choosing one. You just cannot let expectations ruin the event in any way.

Also, one should be aware if the venue has the required tables, chairs, food, and ambiance styles that are required for the event. It is a tough ask to manually check and choose such options.

Venuetop lets users know about the options available in every venue including the services, amenities, food options, presence of setup/ clean up crew, or audio-visual setup for the event. With the transparent prices, setup options, and amenities listed on the site and handy user reviews of the same space, making a choice in terms of amenities being offered, is hassle-free!


After having a rough idea of what the event is going to be in terms of a schedule, one would want an ideal space where there is ample room for attendees to move around, enjoy activities, and relax too. Users usually have to manually check layouts of each venue before choosing an option, and does require time and effort for choosing the ideal layout for their event.

Venuetop presents a floor plan of each venue, with the options available in specific spaces, and the type of events it can handle and its capacity. The layout of the best banquet halls and bridal shower venues is essential to plan around the position of food, welcome area, seating, and the stage, as required. The site also helps in choosing decor options inside the venue with no dearth of space for expos, exhibitions, parties, etc.

Cost and flexibility on event date

Haggling on price factor and the options available on a certain date requires good negotiation skills and not many land with the best price on the market. Getting discounts on certain holidays and special days is useful, but manually choosing venues and haggling on prices does get tiresome after a point.

With Venuetop, the cost and flexibility of wedding venues near me on a certain event date is automatically known. One can put in requests through the site for discounts, additional food options, extra amenities etc. too, with a mutually-agreed price-point. Also the site presents secure payment gateway channel and trustworthy services too.