Venue booking in Saskatoon
15 December, 2018

How does Venuetop help venue providers to gain more business?

Venue owners are always beset by a number of maintenance and management problems. Keeping up with staff salaries and catering services, and space maintenance is a huge hassle, especially when they also have to bring in business. To run a good venue, there are several elements, and sometimes things turn potentially sour, jeopardising the success of the venue. Here are some common challenges of venue owners in securing their affordable banquet halls and beautiful wedding venues in Saskatoon. Know how to overcome the challenges with an efficient business platform for venues – Venuetop.

Budget setup and business

As a owner of a venue, you need a manager, working staff, cooks, etc. or you have to collaborate with a manpower agency for the same. There is a working budget for every venue and hence one needs consistent business from all sides match the nature of your venue. For every venue, the maintenance and accessibility is essential on a routine basis, since it can make or break the venue’s success options.

With Venuetop, you get to list your venue based on location, type of space, capacity, amenities, staff options, and minimum F&B too. By having a listing of the venue, one gets access to a plethora of event management professionals who would be keen to organize an event on the venue within the budget.

Venue maintenance

Every venue needs maintenance and a constant working staff to keep it alive. Even charges need to be aligned with market rates or event managers might just ignore the space in search of a better one.

To keep a balance on maintenance of the space and constant business from local event managers, Venuetop can ensure that the online footfalls translates into revenue on a consistent basis. One can even exclude or include food options if the business is thriving with enquiries. Every venue’s lifeline lies in enquiries for events and Venuetop connects with a plethora of them.


Catering options are not a must but good business professionals will scale a venue to include catering options so that event managers can fulfil the requirements directly. Also, the menu and regimen preferences can be included based on the demographics of the events that usually happen in the area.

Venuetop ensures that all attendees put in their dietary requirements in case there is food being served during the event. It would be easier for prospects to contact and send in messages to the event manager who can intimate the venue owner directly.

Drop offs before the event

The biggest fear for event managers for any venue is that the drop-offs could result in no one actually turning up. Attendees if asked to pay, need their money’s worth. In case of free events, people usually do not turn up sometimes and it is tough for venue owners to sustain in that kind of business.

Venuetop ensures that the attendees are reminded of the event, and the event managers are given options for venues that meet their criteria for the event. With Venuetop, managers can perform online venue booking in Saskatoon, connecting with venue owners to offer welcome drinks, introduce music etc. before the turnout happens. The platform helps in ensuring the business does not drop off in any case.

Promotional strategy

Venue owners usually have no sense about a promotional strategy or to connect with people. They spend on a space but find it tough to market the venue for events to event managers who already have a ton of options.

Venuetop is one online venue booking site in which venue owners get the chance to shine and look unique. They can offer amenities and a type of space specific to event types. Also with catering options, a venue acquires more importance and the venue listing spreads the message far and wide for all those interested in that kind of space. With the marketing hassle out of the mind, venue owners can focus on enhancing their offerings and maintaining the quality of their space to the optimum.

Saves time and money

Sometimes venue owners hire a lot of people and employ many more for constant work across the venue. The loss of business during certain times of the year can be tough for venue owners in order to maintain the venue from their own pocket. Also, spending on manual marketing techniques and manpower usually puts money down the drain.

Venuetop ensures that the venue owners have as many people in their employ, as they need. They can scale their resources up and down depending on the business in delivering affordable banquet halls, affordable reception venues, and beautiful wedding spaces near Saskatoon. The number of man-hours get reduced since all events for a venue are planned in advance through the platform. This gives venue owners the chance to plan further for the week or the month ahead for hosting corporate events, concert place, and the like.