Tips for Planning an Awesome Holiday Party
24 December, 2019

Tips for Planning an Awesome Holiday Party

As the holiday season comes near, it is time for hosting holiday parties! Most companies and communities like to have holiday parties that commemorate an occasion, a festival or the end of the year. These parties can be a great opportunity to celebrate with near and dear ones. If you are in a company, it is essential to keep costs manageable and assess the best way to execute the party.

It’s important to start with the concept and basics of the party and choose the right theme, the venue, the date, the food and drinks to be served, and a team that will ensure that every aspect of the event is perfect.

Whether you are hosting a corporate holiday party or a simple holiday party per se, here are some tips to get them right:

  • Choose a date that works for all those who are expected to come for the party. The holiday season is usually quite busy and most people plan their dates well in advance. Narrow down a holiday party date that can get most of the people you want to see there, on board.
  • Choose a good team to execute the event and do not take all the responsibilities yourself. It is essential to get a good planning team in place to host a good event. Select the right members to host the party especially those who are good with particular aspects of organizing the event – the foodies, the venue finders, the managers, etc. If you are holding the holiday party for a company, go for a small group of individuals who can take time off work to manage the event. Rope in a decision-maker from the HR team especially the one authorized to zero in the budget for the same.
  • Choose the right menu for the party that could appeal to all people who are going to be there for the holiday party. While you can always offer everyone an excellent meal with a good budget, you can always opt for plated meals that will in turn be cost-effective than any kind of buffets. Select fresh fruit for making the centrepiece of the event, limit alcohol consumption for all, and use standard decorations to cut costs while ensuring a great experience.
  • Reinforce the theme of the party with the proposed attire, the decorations, and the presentation of the event, wherein songs and music can cater to the theme too. For corporate events, you can always incorporate your brand logo colours but not splurge on expensive holiday linens in any case.
  • Find the perfect venue virtually rather than physically. For that you can rely on sites like Venuetop that connect event managers with the best venues in town, in close proximity to where you can host a worthy holiday party. Depending on size and kind of party, you can choose a venue that also includes music options, food catering options, lighting options, décor options, and more!
  • Send beautiful invites to all the people who are expected for the party. Use a beautiful design for the invitations and let the guests RSVP to the party so that you have an accurate head count for the same.
  • Introduce games that can entertain the crowd or hire a magic show artist if the party has lots of young kids too. The fun and games will give an extra memorable touch to the holiday party.

There are multiple ways to host a holiday party any time of the year. Get all the decorations, menu options, and entertainment options in place along with the perfect venue for a specific date and time. Plan way ahead so that you get it all right!