Top party venue booking trends and how Venuetop makes a difference!
4 April, 2019

Top party venue booking trends and how Venuetop makes a difference!

When organizing events, you are already hassled by many decisions. One of the prime hassles is choosing a venue that is perfect for expected visitors and is ideal enough to hold a capacity crowd efficiently.

It is better to start early while choosing and selecting a venue for the party. If I have to start, I will certainly check for event halls near me and get the event space booking process done sooner than later. Search for a venue based on your party budget, event size, expected visitors, and space requirements for hosting games and food.

Also, book venues in advance so that you have time to arrange for other critical things, including the catering, brochures, and even websites for reaching out to people out of town.

If this sounds intimidating, here are some top party venue booking trends that could help you out too:

1. Location should be hip and happening

You’ve probably thought about this but it is evident that it costs a bomb. For a local event or party, I would prefer to choose event halls near me so that the event venue booking process is done in a short amount of time for specific day/ days. If most visitors are coming from far off places, it is advantageous to have a venue near the transportation hubs like the airport or hotels.

VenueTop in this instance can help in choosing a cool and popular location, and even help you book it in a trice. You have the directions, parking information, event capacity, and amenities online at your fingertips.

2. Parking

Check out if the venue has a parking lot in place or a facility for valet parking. A venue needs a parking lot especially if the venue hosts a large crowd. If not, then the venue owner should have access to parking lots nearby so that attendees can park their cars and attend the event. Without parking options, it would be difficult to bring in a large number of attendees.

  • You can reserve external parking lots for attendees and include the price in the overall ticket itself.
  • Get some cool Uber and Lyft discounts for your event at a venue with due negotiations on rates so that you can distribute promo codes to attendees.
  • Get options for attendees to share rides or cabs with each other.
  • Offer valet parking for the event especially if it is an upscale event.

3. Capacity and Minimums

Check the capacity of the room or lawn for the venue so that attendees do not face any hassles. Check out for fire alarms and other necessary security arrangements too.

F&B Minimums include the minimum spending amount on food and beverages offered by the venue. Check out the past F&B records if they are in line with the quote. If the F&B spending is more than the venue requirement, it is advantageous to your needs. Check for complimentary services if the spending acquires a specific level.

4. Services and Amenities

Check if the venue has a kitchen and can deliver the needs. Check if the facility fee can be waived if the number of attendees achieves a certain target along with the provision of down payment for food costs of each attendee. Partnerships with food providers help but check the quality of food in advance or else it could negatively impact attendees’ experiences.

Does the venue have enough tables and chairs along with required linen? Does the venue have its own setup and clean-up crew? Does the venue have AV capabilities? Ask these questions before finalizing the venue on Venuetop. Some options can be checked if I want them included in event halls near me or during event venue booking process.

5. Ambiance and Accessibility

Pay special attention to the venue decor and the architecture needs that fit in with the type of event you are hosting. Check out venue accommodations especially if you are organizing an expo. The ambiance should match the desired feeling of the event and the décor needs to be in line with the nature of the event too.

Accessibility of the attendees also needs special attention. Check out the needs of the attendees and if there are children at your venue or people with special needs. Review recent events and get the hang of what you need exactly before event space booking is done.

6. Cost and Flexibility on Event Date

Check out the dates on which venues are available on discounted pricing and thus would help in bringing down the cost of the event itself. Any flexibility of the event can help out in the negotiation process with venues. Check out for open dates on the venue calendar and get discounted pricing if you can plan your event around it.

Make good use of the amenities, acoustics, and service staff that is available at the venue. VenueTop reduces hassles in this case especially in terms of event space booking that aligns well with the nature of the event, the crowd capacity, the F&B minimums, and more.