9 February, 2019

Venuetop – saving time and money for booking venues

Event organization need prompt decisions to be taken in a jiffy. Choosing a venue for any occasion is the biggest hassle because it is the first thing you want to get right.

Now if you are searching for wedding venues in Saskatoon, you might have to explore the region physically and enquire with local venue owners about their rates and amenities. But with Venuetop, choosing wedding reception avenues in Saskatoon got a hell lot easier! You can now consider the best venue options with a click of a button right from your home!

Here’s how Venuetop saves time and money while booking venues for any region:

  • No hassle of searching venue providers and their details physically

Most people are keen to explore venues of a specific location. For example, they might scour for event venues in Saskatoon or banquet halls in Saskatoon. But with Venuetop, they can now look for venues within a specific distance so that it is convenient for most intended attendees. They can just search for “best banquet halls near me” or “best event venues in Saskatoon”. They can even key in relevant criteria in terms of traffic, transportation, and amenities.

Other than venues sourced based on location, users are also given specific driving directions powered by GPS, and the best spaces to host exhibitions, conferences, sessions, etc.You can enquire details from the owner and view images of the space too.

  • Wide range of venues for every occasion

Venuetop delivers a plethora of venues for every occasion including birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, annual corporate programmes, musical concerts, and many more. You can tailor your search for venues based on occasion and you will find the best options available in your location in a trice!

  • Compare venues based on different criteria to select the best choice

If there are multiple venues with similar attributes, you can filter in different criteria to make the best choice on a budget. Not many know if there is parking facility at the venue or catering option or reserve seating space option from the hosts. You can include specific criteria and add the fees as mentioned by the venue host. One can even attach promo codes for Uber transportation for attendees for a particular venue thus ensuring a better experience for attendees.

One can even make the choice of a venue based on the capacity of the venue. For example, if you need to book wedding banquet venues in Saskatoon with 300-400 people, you can always go for a venue with 500-person capacity and not a venue that can accommodate 200 people.

You can even check out the food and beverage charges for each venue and negotiate the complimentary Wi-Fi service before finalizing a venue through Venuetop.

  • Compare amenities of various venues in a jiffy

One can assess and compare venue amenities of various venues before finalizing one. You can even check out ratings of the venues and comments posted by others about food quality, the ambience, and the shortcomings of every venue before choosing the final one. If you have to book wedding venues at Saskatoon, you need to check out with the venue hosts if they have the required number of tables, chairs, and food options along with the charges for the same.

  • Get quick and clear guidance and communication from venue hosts

Get a clear idea about what the venue hosts will provide for the event and the charges for the same before booking the venue for the event. Venuetop helps you to communicate with the venue owners without hassles on a consistent basis to check whether the arrangements are made as they need them to be. You can even check out layouts of each venue, which is essential to plan the position of catering service, the ideal welcome area, seating, along with the stage too.

  • Absolutely no charges levied on bookings

You can haggle as you want with the venue hosts on the services and the rates based on your negotiation skills. Get discounts on certain holidays with flexible event management options too. Venuetop though would not charge a single dollar for making the searches! We provide a payment gateway channel for your transactions but do not charge anything for booking a venue at all!